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Join us in Costa Rica!

Originally posted on DANTAisms:
Join us in Costa Rica! Join us this winter in Costa Rica for our 2015 Methods in Primate Behavior and Conservation course. Course dates are January 1- January 15, 2015. The registration deadline is December 1, 2014. This course is designed to provide students with field experience in primate behavior, ecology, and conservation. This course will…

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A little work to get pets interested in toys

Mother’s day. Father’s day. College graduations in May. Pre-k through high school graduations in June. And birthdays year round. What is the most frightening of all of these? The recipients not enjoying their presents. We all have pictures of our younger selves playing with refrigerator boxes or empty pots and pans, sometimes with brand new toys right next to us.

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Primate Connections 2015 Calendars

Primate Connections 2015 Calendars Now Available! What fundraising project brings together 13 primate conservation organizations, four independent wildlife photographers, three primate conservation societies, two zoos, and half a dozen youth organizations, all in the name of primate conservation? The 2015 Primate Connections calendar, of course! Click here to view the calendar. Yes, that’s right. The 2015 Primate Connections Calendar Project

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The Veterinary [Student] Perspective: Is Antibiotic-Free the Way to Be?

Go to the meat refrigerator in any grocery store, and you’re guaranteed to see it: the organic meats section. Littered with happy-sounding-phrases like “antibiotic free” and “free-range,” it makes you as a consumer feel happier about the choices you’re making both for your own health and for the sake of the animals you’re consuming. But, does antibiotic-free really mean that

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Resource Spotlight: Project WILD

As an educator, I am ALL about getting new teaching material. Whether you are a classroom teacher or a non-traditional educator, teaching resources have something for everyone. Look for the “Resource Spotlight” header on posts for a window into potential new activities for the class!   Having been part of a naturalist training program, I was very privileged to have

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