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This is No Cowspiracy: A Glimpse at Why We Should Reduce the Amount of Meat We Eat

Growing up there were two cardinal rules in my family. One, never take the last Diet Coke, and two, every meal must have meat. Burgers, shredded beef, chicken, fish, and my mother’s rather unfortunate meatloaf were staples throughout my dependent years. I never really questioned if what I was eating had any sort of affect on the world beyond the

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My Summer in India: Seeing the World From a Different Perspective! (இந்தியாவில் என் கோடைகாலம்)

It was only 4 am and as soon as I stepped outside from the airport the heat took my breath away. Dr. MohanKumar had warned us it was going to be hot, but nothing could have prepared me for the heat of India. Myself and 14 other veterinary students from the University of Georgia had been selected to spend 7

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In the Spotlight: Peace Corps Togo

As an EAFS volunteer, I don’t really have a “typical day”. Some days I am building a permaculture garden and surveying the tree nurseries of my reforestation team, and other days I am meeting with the women’s cooperative that I helped to create and running my girls club at the middle school.

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