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My Summer in India: Seeing the World From a Different Perspective! (இந்தியாவில் என் கோடைகாலம்)

It was only 4 am and as soon as I stepped outside from the airport the heat took my breath away. Dr. MohanKumar had warned us it was going to be hot, but nothing could have prepared me for the heat of India. Myself and 14 other veterinary students from the University of Georgia had been selected to spend 7

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Genius of Dogs: Book Review

In college I took both an Animal Cognition class and an Animal Behavior class. Animal cognition studies the mental capabilities where as animal behavior looks at the physical, sometimes more measurable, traits an animal performs. Both professors stated that there is a lot of great research on animal intelligence. They also both stated that performing research on domestic companion animals

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Oh the interesting people I met!

This summer I met several fascinating people from around the world, below are three stories that I recently wrote for other sites including a Botanical Illustrator, Anthrozoologist and Parahawker: For the Love of Plants Meet botanical illustrator Mindy Lighthipe, who practices environmental activism through art. and From Anthropologist To Anthrozoologist: Meet Patricia K. Anderson Her love for birds started this

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