Resource Spotlight: Project WILD

As an educator, I am ALL about getting new teaching material. Whether you are a classroom teacher or a non-traditional educator, teaching resources have something for everyone. Look for the “Resource Spotlight” header on posts for a window into potential new activities for the class!


Having been part of a naturalist training program, I was very privileged to have many certifications provided for me, including Project WILD. I had never heard of any of these education certifications, so I did not really know what to expect, but I was happy to add an extra line to my resume. I had no idea how crucial these activities would be to my lessons!

Project WILD (as described on their website) is a supplementary, interdisciplinary instructional program for educators of students in kindergarten through high school. They are focused on linking students to wildlife, because we are, as ever, connected with the world around us. However, this is not just a book filled with nature activities. It is an interdisciplinary resource that uses professional training workshops to make sure you are able to utilize it to its utmost potential. For lack of a better explanation, it is REALLY cool.

When I walked into my Project WILD training, I was handed a 500 page resource book that is chock full of activities for students kindergarten through 12th grade. The training consisted of actually doing a large number of these activities, facilitated by our trainer, and learning how to use the book itself. In the back, the book has a chart that maps out each activity in alphabetical order, revealing what cross discipline skills it employs (analysis, classification, evaluation, etc.), and its subject area. It isn’t limited to just science! There are activities involving, math, social studies, expressive arts, and many more. If you are an educator, there is a large amount of activities in here for you to use. Identify the subjects you want, look at the name of the activity, and it directs you to the page the activity is on. The activities are even labelled as either outdoor or indoor! I think it is absolutely spectacular.

Project WILD is an amazing resource, and whether you are an environmental educator or classroom teacher, it is definitely worth checking out. Connecting students with nature WHILE still teaching the subjects you need? What’s not to love? The game “Oh Deer” is an absolutely perfect an active way to teach students the importance of food, water, shelter, and space all while getting them to physically act out population trends. It has been a staple in many of the hikes I have led. The training is worth it! Not to mention they have an extensive network of educators, biologists, passionate citizens, etc. – its the whole package!


DANTA is in no way affiliated with Project WILD. I’m just a supporter of their cause! For more information, please visit their website at


Are you Project WILD certified? What is your favorite activity? Share in the comments below!



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