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Getting to the Bottom of Baboon Bottoms

I have received some interesting reactions when I tell new acquaintances that I study baboons. Recently, someone very enthusiastically asked, “Those are the animals with the HUGE pink butts, right?” They are indeed. And I’m actually quite intrigued by those “pink butts.”   A more technical term for this is “exaggerated sexual swellings.” Around the time of ovulation, females of

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How DANTA introduced me to new friends, fieldwork, and professionalism

I participated in the DANTA primate field course during the summer of 2011 following my sophomore year at the University of Michigan. Growing up with Dr. Jane Goodall as my role model and the popularized image of her work, I always dreamt of observing wild primates. After two years of college, I became engrossed in theoretical topics in behavioral ecology

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