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What Can Anthropology Do For You?

This past semester, for the first time since around my sophomore year of college, I enrolled in more courses outside of anthropology than within the field. At the same time I was interacting with young, naïve students on a regular basis. These circumstances really opened my eyes to the lack of cultural awareness and sensitivity. Two moments stand out in

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Reflecting on Freshman Year

As a second year Master’s student I am serving as a graduate teaching assistant. There isn’t a need for me to teach every week, but I attend class, grade papers, help students, etc. The students are quickly approaching their mid-term exam which also happens to be their first test. Our most recent class meeting was devoted entirely to answering student

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Maisie’s Introduction!

I’ve done a lot of writing throughout my college career, but I think the hardest ‘assignment’ I’ve ever had is this one – to introduce myself in one short blog post. That’s life, I guess. There are challenges and you just have to put your head down an push through. So here goes…. Growing up along the country roads of

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