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Introducing: Meatless Mondays

Many people in the conservation world and beyond have heard the term “Meatless Monday” by now. Between publicity events at universities involving free t-shirts and recipes to social media, Meatless Monday has always been a hot topic. The concept is simple enough – cut out meat from your diet for one day. This isn’t some ploy by vegetarians and vegans

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Photo: Baboons and Cattle

During my summer in Rwanda, I spent most of my time quite literally at the interface between humans, wildlife (i.e. baboons) and domestic species (i.e. cattle). Because Rwanda suffers from severe overpopulation, virtually all of their “wild” places are in close proximity to human settlements. I saw this as a sort of glimpse into the future of the rest of the world, if the human

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Animal photography: It’s a snap

The days are getting shorter here in Tampa, FL and with less sunlight means less opportunities to take great pet photographs. By utilizing sunlight we can achieve more natural expressions and composition. Lighting is essential to great photography, and with fast moving animals, lighting is even more critical. Another benefit of natural sunlight is we can almost completely limit the

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