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Emotional animals

Anthropomorphism was one of the first vocabulary words that I ingrained to memory. It was an interesting concept to me at a very young age: using words, that are only characteristic to humans, to describe animal attributes. Examples include describing your pets as happy, sad, jealous and playful. Animal behaviorists and biologists for about 300 years have been told that

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Fact or Fiction?

When talking about fact and fiction, going to Snapple caps might not be the most accurate way of learning new information. The very first Snapple fact for instance says that “A Goldfish’s attention span is three seconds.” I can reject that fact quite easily, but for the sake of science I have done some research. Performing a quick Google search

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Cat people vs. dog people

My cats have the worst breath, but I love them unconditionally. They make me laugh every day with their inquisitive minds and obnoxious behaviors (such as jumping over my bird and sprinting through my legs tripping me as I walk.) Even though these behaviors exist, I still have to fight the urge not to walk over and wake them from

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