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Emotional animals

Anthropomorphism was one of the first vocabulary words that I ingrained to memory. It was an interesting concept to me at a very young age: using words, that are only characteristic to humans, to describe animal attributes. Examples include describing your pets as happy, sad, jealous and playful. Animal behaviorists and biologists for about 300 years have been told that

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Sustainable Food Systems

It is not our fault. Throughout the evolutionary history of the human species a high fat diet was vital for survival. We have adapted as a species to crave foods high in fat because that is what we once needed. As the cultivation of plants and animals was discovered, food accessibility started to boom. For centuries humans maintained a stable

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Introducing Kelly

Hello everybody! I am extremely excited and appreciative to join DANTA as another blogger! My whole life I always wanted to make an impact on some type of way. Growing up as an athlete it was easy to think I could become a physical therapist (PT) and help individuals improve so they can enjoy life to the fullest with minimal

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