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PHOTO: Elephant Family

Although Lisa is the elephant expert on this blog, I share her admiration for their intelligence, grace, and beauty. This picture was taken on my first African safari, in Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda, and I was absolutely awestruck to be in the presence of these animals. We were on a tour boat, and before I took this picture all

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Animal photography: It’s a snap

The days are getting shorter here in Tampa, FL and with less sunlight means less opportunities to take great pet photographs. By utilizing sunlight we can achieve more natural expressions and composition. Lighting is essential to great photography, and with fast moving animals, lighting is even more critical. Another benefit of natural sunlight is we can almost completely limit the

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Pet Training: Art or Science?

Art or Science? Animal training is a little bit of both. Timing and communication flow together with basic laws of behavior and form actions. Before we get into the specific behaviors we ask our pets, we should first learn how to train them. Positive reinforcement is associated with : negative reinforcement, positive punishment and negative punishment. It is not important

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