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What Biodiversity Means to the Planet and to You and Me

By, Devin Lindsley Introduction This past weekend the University of California, Davis had their annual Biodiversity Museum Day. On these occasions, the campus museums open up their doors to the public. Exhibits include but are not limited to the Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology, Center for Plant Diversity and the Bohart Museum of Entomology. I love volunteering for this

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This is No Cowspiracy: A Glimpse at Why We Should Reduce the Amount of Meat We Eat

Growing up there were two cardinal rules in my family. One, never take the last Diet Coke, and two, every meal must have meat. Burgers, shredded beef, chicken, fish, and my mother’s rather unfortunate meatloaf were staples throughout my dependent years. I never really questioned if what I was eating had any sort of affect on the world beyond the

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Big Welcome to Devin Lindsley to our DANTAism crew!

“Many people are divorced from nature, but we can always find our way back.” -Dr. Jane Goodall In the 90’s there was this amazing kid’s show called “The Wild Thornberry’s,” where Eliza and her pet chimpanzee traveled the world to talk to animals. Eliza’s ability to connect with exotic animals of all types sparked such a feverish jealousy within my

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