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Pet lovers Christmas lists

Present time is here. If you are hurrying around looking for something great to give to your animal enthusiast, here are some of my favorites this holiday season. “Pet Food Politics: The Chihuahua in the Coal Mine” by Marion Nestle I just got the book, although it is a few years old now. This book is a serious yet important

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Fact or Fiction?

When talking about fact and fiction, going to Snapple caps might not be the most accurate way of learning new information. The very first Snapple fact for instance says that “A Goldfish’s attention span is three seconds.” I can reject that fact quite easily, but for the sake of science I have done some research. Performing a quick Google search

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Oh the interesting people I met!

This summer I met several fascinating people from around the world, below are three stories that I recently wrote for other sites including a Botanical Illustrator, Anthrozoologist and Parahawker: For the Love of Plants Meet botanical illustrator Mindy Lighthipe, who practices environmental activism through art. and From Anthropologist To Anthrozoologist: Meet Patricia K. Anderson Her love for birds started this

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Tourist’s view of the Chatuchak Weekend Market

After nearly two weeks of backpacking around Thailand, my trip was coming to an end where it all began: Bangkok. During my trip around Thailand, I witnessed picturesque beaches and islands, dramatic mountainous landscapes and charismatic indigenous people at zoos, elephant conversation centers, national parks, night markets and food stands. I must confess that since I studied animal behavior and

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