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Pet lovers Christmas lists

Present time is here. If you are hurrying around looking for something great to give to your animal enthusiast, here are some of my favorites this holiday season. “Pet Food Politics: The Chihuahua in the Coal Mine” by Marion Nestle I just got the book, although it is a few years old now. This book is a serious yet important

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Shaping pet behavior

Last week this column talked about how to capture a behavior or take a snap shot of what an animal does so we could see that behavior performed again. Sometimes animals don’t perform a behavior that we would like to see in its entirety. An example would be dog agility. Dogs are not going to go through the weave pole,

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Capturing a Behavior

Being able to communicate with animals is something all animal lovers and trainers aspire toward. Having an expression that signals to the animal that they did something correct and a treat will be provided, is essential if you want that behavior to be presented again. This expression is called a bridge. Bridges in training like actual bridges make an association

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Yes, to tricks – no to treats

We show our love through food. Roasted peanuts in creamy caramel covered on milk chocolate must scream affection. Avocado and tomato-garlic bruschetta sends signals of romance at any fine restaurant. I know I feel cherished when I bite into a vanilla ice cream cake shell with chocolate ice cream, fudge, and crushed chocolate sandwich cookies in the middle. And what

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