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Photo: Baboons and Cattle

During my summer in Rwanda, I spent most of my time quite literally at the interface between humans, wildlife (i.e. baboons) and domestic species (i.e. cattle). Because Rwanda suffers from severe overpopulation, virtually all of their “wild” places are in close proximity to human settlements. I saw this as a sort of glimpse into the future of the rest of the world, if the human

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Photo: Red- Eyed Tree Frog

A tree frog hanging out-literally- on the underside of a leaf at Hacienda Baru Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica. These frogs are an iconic symbol of rainforest biodiversity, and their friendly, charismatic faces make them much more relatable than your average amphibian. Although IUCN does not currently consider them “endangered,” like all other neotropical species they are losing their habitat at

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Uniting my Dreams

Hi everyone, my name is Ginny Mulé, and I am a current second-year student at Cornell Veterinary School in Ithaca, NY. I participated in the DANTA Primate Behavior Field School on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica during the summer between my sophomore and junior years of college at Stony Brook University. Before DANTA, I had always had an interest

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