Jo’s DANTA Field Course Experience

My dream has long been to study primates, but implementing this goal is much easier said than done. Most internship opportunities included caring for captive primates or studying primates in a lab setting, neither of which were what I was looking to do. Learning about the programs through DANTA: Association for the Conservation of the Tropics was perfect, as I could finally get experience in the field. The Methods in Primate Behavior and Conservation was an incredible opportunity. I learned how to observe and record primate behavior. I learned how to work in the rainforest. I learned about how to conserve the primates and their habitats.

Osa Conservation’s Piro Station is the perfect place to gain such experience. With four species of monkeys, it is an ideal place to study primates. In addition to the monkeys, there is an incredible amount of plant and animal diversity. It’s such a welcoming environment, with all of the staff and researchers being so fun, inclusive, and social.

sea turtles2


Attending this program was one of the best decisions I have ever made, filled with some of the most rewarding experiences- releasing baby sea turtles, witnessing howler monkey flirting, and hiking through the rainforest to name a few. I not only gained valuable field experience, but made lasting friendships, and developed a love affair with the rainforest. Taking this course was easily one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I would encourage anyone interested in research or conservation to attend a DANTA course.

Jo Pfeiffer, DANTA alum 2018


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