Entomologist/horticulturist on your Christmas list? Check out this new book.

Craving the creepy? Or need a solution to your garden troubles? Check out the the second edition of Garden Insects of North America.  This comprehensive compilation is a perfect guide to common insects, mites, and other “bugs” found in the backyards and gardens of the United States and Canada.

The revised and expanded edition has more than twice the illustrations of the first edition, featuring 3,300 full-color photos with detailed text. The book covers the hundreds of species of insects and mites associated with fruits and vegetables, shade trees and shrubs, flowers and ornamental plants, and turfgrass. This new edition also provides a greatly expanded treatment of common pollinators and flower visitors, the natural enemies of garden pests, and the earthworms, insects, and other arthropods that help with decomposing plant matter in the garden. This last chapter, Natural enemies of insects and pollinators: the “beneficial bugs,” will be referenced often for any serious gardener.

This book is designed to help gardeners identify what they find in their yards easily. The book is organized by where insects are most likely to be seen—on leaves, shoots, flowers, roots, or soil. Photos are included throughout the book, next to detailed descriptions of the insects and their associated plants.

Some of the insects are a bit strange, and yes harm crops, but so many of them are beautiful including these:

Image result for sunflower beetle

Sunflower beetle Zygogramma exclamationis

Image result for northern corn rootworm

Northern corn rootworm, Diabrotica barberi

Image result for strawberry crown moth

Strawberry crown moth, Synanthedon bibionipennis

To fully rekindle your love of insects check out this video:

Garden Insects of North America is an indispensable guide to the natural microcosm in our backyards. It is great for amateur gardeners, insect lovers, and professional entomologists.

Garden Insects of North America is a tremendous contribution and is destined to be a staple on any gardener’s bookshelf. Readers will find it overflowing with color pictures and informative yet easy-to-read descriptions. If this isn’t the one book you must have, it comes pretty close!”–Casey Sclar, Integrated Pest Management Coordinator, Longwood Gardens

Author Whitney Cranshaw is professor and extension specialist of entomology at Colorado State University. His books include Bugs Rule! and the original 2004 edition of Garden Insects of North America (both Princeton). Author David Shetlar is professor of urban landscape entomology at The Ohio State University. His books include Managing Turfgrass Pests and Destructive Turf Insects.

Bookworm on your list? Add this ultimate guide to backyard bugs to your shopping list.

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