Ugly Little Greens: Book Review

Many months ago for Countryside I wrote an article on Wild Plant Identification: Foraging for Edible Weeds. It was a great learning experience as I meandered through a park with Nate Chetelat, and sampled free nutrient dense food.

Since then, I have sampled a few foraged greens in my yard, but nothing substantial. Today, I received a new recipe book for the advantageous cook. It features many foraging greens which, even I, can identify such as mustards, nettles, plantain, cattail, thistles and watercress.

Author Coogan feeding sharks

False Hawksbeard have veiny, crinkly, edged leaves that are curled slightly, oftentimes with a single stem growing up, Chetelat explains.

With help from Ugly Little Greens: Gourmet Dishes Crafted from Foraged Ingredients by Mia Wasilevich, I can now prepare fun dishes like; acorn sliders, lambsquarters marbled bread and nettles Benedict.

The book, which goes on sale May 16, 2017 offers beautiful color photos, location maps, key identifying tips and is for perfect for foodies (think mother’s day, father’s day, graduations and bar mitzvahs).

Wasilevich is a chef, forager and founder of Transitional Gastronomy who teachers foraging, wild-food identification, food styling and culinary workshops. She has been a featured consultant on MasterChef and Top Chef, and has appeared in Los Angeles magazine’s “2015 Best of LA:Favorite Things” list as well as other publications including Time and the Los Angeles Times.

Author Coogan feeding sharks

Mia shares her extensive knowledge plus dishes she’s cultivated over the years while working as a professional chef and educational forager.

“This book was meant to inspire you to come up with different recipe ideas, techniques, takes or approaches with the ‘ugly little greens’ you have in your life, whether they grow in the field or in your own yard,” Wasilevich explains.

Ugly Little Greens boasts 80 unique and tasty recipes for food lovers looking for unexpected flavors.

The book is beautiful and I hope you enjoy!

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