DANTA Welcomes Eduardo Valverde

DANTA welcomes Eduardo Valverde to our teaching staff. He is a Costa Rican national and a graduate of the University of Costa Rica’s School of Architecture.  In 2011,  he created Batsu Architecture, a design studio with the main vision of promoting architecture deeply rooted in and respectful of nature, and based on the fact that unsustainable construction represents a major threat to rain forests globally.

eduardo 7

He has been conducting research and education regarding alternative construction methods, sustainable architecture and biomimicry in numerous institutions (University of Costa Rica, EARTH School of Agriculture and various agroecological farms) with the intent to advance knowledge in low carbon, sustainable community planning and design. He also conducts workshops on “bahareque”- a construction method employed by indigenous communities in Costa Rica- in order to bring affordable housing to Costa Rica generally.



Eduardo is also a naturalist and specialist in sustainable tourism and conservation. He has done consulting for hotels in different regions of Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and is currently working with other organizations to promote sustainable development in the Osa Peninsula.

His greatest passions are a love of the natural world and architecture. He is he is thrilled to be able to combine both to help bring about harmony and a brighter future for upcoming generations.

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