Primate Connections 2016 Calendars Now Available!


What fundraising project brings together 13 primate conservation organizations, numerous independent wildlife photographers, primate conservation societies, zoos, and various youth and educational organizations, all in the name of primate conservation?

The 2016 Primate Connections calendar, of course! Click here to view entire calendar. This year we are especially excited as Dr. Jane Goodall has officially endorsed the project!


Yes, that’s right. The 2016 Primate Connections Calendar Project is an innovative fundraising initiative that brings together efforts from 13 of the hardest working primate conservation organizations in the world in order to raise money, increase awareness, generate valuable conservation dollars, and promote collaboration among experts.

Inside the calendar you will find stories of the trials and triumphs these organizations face as they battle to preserve animals and forests, as well as 12 breathtaking photos of some of the rarest primates on earth.
Each page also contains an environmental tip that can help us all become better stewards of primates and the planet from our very own homes.

Through the purchase of a calendar you too can become part of the Primate Connections Network. The Primate Connections Network is a growing group of conscious conservation leaders who are ready to achieve a world that works through collaboration, education, innovative income generation, commitment and creativity.thumbnail-_2_

When purchased here, proceeds earned from the sale of this calendar will go to support DANTA’s conservation efforts in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

Join us in this cause and get your calendar today!

Small (7.75 X 5.5 in)- $10.00

Large (11 X 8.5 in.)- $20.00


For more information contact DANTA: Association for Conservation of the Tropics at

Thank you so much for your support!

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