Food Waste, do something

Food Waste is incredibly sad. Americans throw away $165 billion worth of food every year. It adds to a cycle of malnutrition, poverty, climate change and farmers not being paid a fair wage.

Below is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver comical yet provoking take on the subject.

I have always been aware of Food Waste and purposely buy and support vendors who sell their ‘seconds’ rather than throwing them out. Below is an example of what I purchased from a farmer’s market yesterday. It was discounted to $5 for whatever you could get in the box because the food was no longer aesthetically pleasing. I filled two boxes and I think this food looks great and tastes normal.


All of this produce cost $10.


I peel and them freeze some of the bananas to extend their shelf life.


Once home I cut all of the peppers and some of the tomatoes to make salsa.

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