Three Reasons Why Everyone Should Grow A Vegetable Garden

Some of my fondest childhood memories are from playing in the dirt with my mother while she gardened. She would designate a special area where I was allowed to play, so I would not damage any plants. Due to my mother’s green thumb, I do not remember a single summer that we did not have a garden. My mother did not limit herself to just vegetables; she grew fruits and flowers as well. We would have a salad most nights for dinner, and everything in it came fresh from her garden. They were extremely delicious. Even if you do not have a knack for growing plants, it would still be very beneficial to grow your own vegetable garden during the summer months.

Squash I had grown in my garden.

Squash I had grown in my garden.

1. The vegetables taste better.

Personally I prefer freshly picked vegetables over ones from the store any day. The taste in much richer and you know they have not been covered in pesticides.

Peas I had grown in my garden.

Pea plants I had grown in my garden.

2. It will save you money.

Going to the grocery store was always expensive for my mother since she had six children. I am sure she loved anyway she could cut back on those cost. In the summer months she did not have to buy any vegetables from the store since she grew her own. Sometimes we even had enough vegetables left from the harvest that my mom was able to save some to use once the garden was finished. The only thing the garden cost my mom was labor (with six kids she had plenty of free labor) and water. This is because she would save seeds from her previous gardens. I know this had to be a tremendous help to her wallet.


Squash and zucchini plants I had grown.

3. It is great for you and the planet.

Gardening is a great hobby to have. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and allows you to watch something grow. It also makes you spend more time outside and is a source of relaxation. Having a garden is also great for the environment in several ways. It helps reduce carbon dioxide because plants use it during photosynthesis to produce energy. According to Dr. Leonard Perry growing your own vegetables eliminates the use of fossil fuels to ship it to the store and it cuts down on pesticide use (as long as you refrain from using them).

Green bean plants grown in my garden.

Green bean plants grown in my garden.

Spring is almost here and now is a perfect time to get your seeds started indoors. You could always try growing your vegetables this year and see personally how you benefit from it.


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