Resume vs Curriculum Vitae

To decide whether to submit a resume or curriculum vitae (CV), it is important to determine which criteria fits the position you are applying most appropriately. Resumes tend to be non-academic, while CVs are used for academic, and in some cases, government positions. It is important to know the difference because each position may be looking for specific information about you.

Your resume should minimally include:

Contact Information (name, address, email, phone number, professional website – if applicable)

  • As silly as it sounds it is important to use a professional email, rather than something like

Job/Career Specific Objective

  • Remember that here is an opportunity to appeal to the employer/reader

Educational Background

  • Remember that your current or most recent should be listed first

Employment Record

  • Again, this should be current or most recent first
  • Remember to tailor what you list so that they are relevant to the job you are applying for
  • When listing the employer information, use the front office # in case your employer no longer works there or there contact info has changed over time (reduces call backs)

Other Credentials (service, professional organizations, etc.)

  • This can be special skills, qualifications, permits, etc

Your Personal Interests

Note: It is extremely helpful to have a master resume saved that includes ALL of your information. That way you can take what is applicable and have a starting base before tailoring a resume for a new position. It saves you time!

Your vitae should minimally include:

Contact Info (name, current title, academic department and school, email)

  • Your current title could be MA Candidate, Teaching Assistant, etc.


  • If you held any honors when graduating, include here
  • Again, this should be current or most recent first

Research Interests

Academic Appointments (Teaching Assistant, etc.)

Work Experience (research assistant, other position in academia)

  • Current or most recent first

Conference Presentations (posters also!)

  • Only list them if you were an author of a presentation, not if you only attended


  • Current or most recent first


  • Also include internships here

Professional Memberships

  • If you hold a position in a membership that should be listed under a separate heading – Service

Professional References (3-5)

  • Name (prefix), current title, department, university, email, and phone number for each


Note: Have a master CV you can refer to also!


Do not forget to constantly update these, otherwise you could find yourself overwhelmed as you gain more experience and skills!

Image Source

Post Content – Dr. William Balco in “Ethics and Research Design”, Spring 2015, Northern Illinois University

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