Bringing in the New Year

New Year’s Resolutions! Weight Loss! Making More Money! Traveling the World! And everything else that fits in our year’s goals.

With the New Year many of us create a resolution that can be life-changing and requires massive commitment. But how do we maintain these goals as the New Year’s wonder begins to drift away?

Make a goal that is attainable

It’s a great feeling to think that if we create this huge life-altering change in our life, that the reward will be fantastical. However, realizing the limits in your life and ability is huge in deciding what your goal will be. We all make mistakes, falter on our goal at times, and sometimes have downright bad days. But guess what? That is OKAY! The less amount of guilt you feel and shame you pressure onto yourself for making a mistake will help you the most in the long run. You can bounce back faster with a positive attitude and approach, rather than a negative down day.

Be motivated and commit to it

Knowing that you could make a mistake is the first step to helping you stay committed. That way you are more likely to go back and finish the goal! Give yourself credit. It’s easier to support others, but sometimes we get lost when supporting ourselves. Commit to bettering yourself!

My Goals

1. Do my thesis research

2. Help my students succeed (as a TA)

3. Treat myself here and there (not forgetting about myself and a healthy frame of mind!)

4. Adopt a dog

5. Have a more positive outlook, even when things don’t go as planned

Also, remember – It does not need to be a new year to begin a new goal or try something different in life!

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