Resources for Jobs and Funding – Primatology

Finding where to begin in the field of Primatology can be a hard task in itself, but looking for funding can be another struggle while pursuing research topics. Here I list a few key resources to assist in these important steps.

Primate Info Net provides information on internships, field work positions, field schools, animal care jobs, and professional opportunities. It is a great resource that all future primatologists should be aware of, especially because most professionals looking for assistance and/or specific qualifications in this area will post here.

Grants and funding are another important resource to utilize. I will only name a few here, but there are many more available. The International Primatological Society not only provides opportunities for awards, scholarships, and grants, but also focuses some funding specifically on captive care and conservation. The American Society for Primatology also encourages funding in the field of Primatology. The National Science Foundation is broader because it provides more than just a focus on Primatology. While these are only a few, they are a good start for looking for funding. Professors in your major as well as other colleagues can share more resources they have encountered through their journey.


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