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Tourist’s view of the Chatuchak Weekend Market

After nearly two weeks of backpacking around Thailand, my trip was coming to an end where it all began: Bangkok. During my trip around Thailand, I witnessed picturesque beaches and islands, dramatic mountainous landscapes and charismatic indigenous people at zoos, elephant conversation centers, national parks, night markets and food stands. I must confess that since I studied animal behavior and

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Elephant Tourism: Harmful and Un-harmful Tricks

by Lisa Barrett In a previous blog post, I wrote about how Asian elephants are endangered and that there are only about 3,000 left in the wild. I discussed how, in reality, the best way to conserve them is through education about conserving (and mitigating the decline) of extant populations while giving current captive populations the best life possible. In

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Awaiting Baby Sahm’s Arrival

by Lisa Barrett No Breeding, No Buying At about this time last year, I, along with the rest of the Think Elephants International (TEI) research team, was anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new “family” member. Elephant births are cause for huge excitement at the camp for two reasons. First, female Asian elephants only have four to five calves in

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