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Methods in Primate Behavior and Conservation Field Course in Costa Rica

Methods in Primate Behavior and Conservation Dates:   Winter Session: January 1-16, 2018 Summer Session: July 13-28, 2018 Application deadline: Winter Session: December 15, 2017 Summer Session: June 15, 2018 Program fee: $2600 Location: Osa Conservation, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica Contact: Visit our website and/or email us at conservation@danta.info for more information. Course Description This course is designed to provide students with field

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GIS Use in Primatology

What is GIS? GIS (Geographic Information System) is “a collection of hardware and software for the storage, retrieval, mapping and analysis of geographic data” (Setchell and Curtis, 2011). The spatial information in a GIS specify a particular location represented in a coordinate system. GIS data comes in two different types: vectors (points, lines, and polygons) and raster (grid of pixels)

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